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Suman Cuddapah - Oracle SOA Solutions Specialist is speaking at DevIgnition on Java Strategy as part of DevIgnition.


  • Grow Developer Base
  • Grow Adoption
  • Mobile Platform


Technology, Community, and Platform

How many JSRs have been created. Growing rate since 2000.
"More alignment with the open source community"

Some things are core to technology, and others are outlying technologies like XML. They have still helped the language grow and evolve.

Platform Evolution

Modularity, Coin, InvokeDynamic, NIO2, Closures....

NIO2 "Gives you more of a handle on the file system"

Java EE 6 Drivers

  • Deliver new APIs
  • Pluggability/extensibility
  • Web Profile
  • Dependency Injection
  • Right-sizing - pruning, profiles
  • Improve existing individual APIs

* Dependency Injection getting more focus with CDI (Check out Weld if you are interested).

* Pruning - getting rid of some of the old technology. "Those old libraries that are taking up space really need to be moved out"

New Components in Java EE 6 Technologies

  • JAX-RS 1.1
  • Bean Validation 1.0
  • DI 1.0
  • CDI 1.0
  • Managed Beans 1.0

Beyond Java EE 6

More flexible, more extensible, also more modular

Modularity and Direction

Modularity is a Requirement for the Future Platform
JDK-Awareness of Modularity is Critical

What does this mean for the developer?

  • Optimized module runtime format
  • Statically resolvable module dependencies
  • Local Dependencies
  • Virtual modules
  • Reverse dependencies
  • Meaningful versioning

What about OSGI?
JDK 7 will support OSGi Modules Alongside the Java Platform Module Implement. Hopefully will eliminate the need to choose between these two technologies. They will work side-by-side.

Java SE Directions

  • Drive rapid delivery of JDK 7
  • HotSpot and JRocket as strategic JVMs
  • Continue support for all leading OS platforms
  • Converge best features of HotSpot and JRocket:
    * World leading peformance
    * Fine grained monitoring and management
    * Automated and manual performance tuning
    * Run on virtualized servers
    * Parallel computing initiatives

    Key features of JDK 7

    • Project Jigsaw
    • Multi-Lingual VM
    • Project Coin
    • Project Lambda
    • Considering selection of smaller features

    Java: "the leading deployment language in North America" Evans Data Corporation June 2009

    Java SE is on 91% of desktops/laptops
    Java ME is on 85% of mobile phones worldwide
    Java Card: on 90+% of Sim cards (Americas + Europe)

    Driving Innovation
    Amazon Kindle - based on Java ME
    Cisco VOIP Phones - JavaME provides robustness and Security

    Java Community

    Java Community Process
    Spring Frameworks

    "....and Spring and so forth"

    That was a quick glance over Spring, and no note of it's influence over Java

    For the next version of java "...we don't have a date at this time"

    From the audience....go to OpenJDK and you can start downloading builds of JDK7 now. Dates coming from the audience.

    "As far as I know NetBeans will continue in its current state. It is not anticipated that that will change anytime soon"

    "...they don't typically end of life a tool until all that functionality is available in other tools. I'm not saying that is the case for NetBeans"

    And the next presentation.....starts just before 10 a.m.

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